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I am an artist whose work, for the past 50 years, has focused on figurative themes which have been cast in bronze and stainless steel. The current contemporary set of works is built upon the concepts of traditional works. With regard to the modern works, instead of sculpting things that we see and are familiar with, such as a person, I chose to depict elements we people feel, but cannot necessarily touch or quantify. The warmth of the sun, the secure and loving feeling of a Family, the strength of nature; these are just a few of the elements I'm touching on.

My sculpture is a metaphor that exceeds the physical presence of the work. It is less literal than much of the abstract work out there, and is somewhat reductive in its presentation. In these works, industrial created components are placed in a formal, yet irregular and lyrical juxtaposition, thus suggesting a transformation from utility to non-utility material. I chose the circle as a thematic symbol because of its cleanliness of shape, presence in our ever day life, and the fact that it has no corners- just one beautiful line with no beginning, middle or end. An incredible spiritual shape, that invites interpretation, and is so very common in our landscape. Radiance is a work that references mother nature in motion- whether the warmth of the sun, planetary movement, it suggests circular movement .

My lyrical, caressing rings form beautiful contemporary sculptures that suggest the pathways of life, the forces of nature or emotions of our humanity. I use the entire circle, whole and complete, contrast it with segments of the circle, and yet other times will use other geometric shapes to make circles...quite a mix of contradictions.

These sculptures, constructed of high quality brushed stainless steel are mounted on granite bases. The works offer exciting views from any angle, and are reflective of their environment- literally. Place them next to a bed of flowers, and those flowers are reflected in the metal. The works are ideal for interior or exterior placement, and offer a lifetime of minimal maintenance .


We welcome unique opportunities to create something special for your needs. For a fee of $500.00, which is rebated back to you once the project is commissioned, we will several thumbnail sketches for your review. Once the basic design is agreed upon, a detailed to scale rendering is created along with a project budget. The work is then created to these exacting specifications, and mounted on the base of your choice. There are many materials these works can be created with, in a wide range of price points.